Schengen Visa

Tourist Schengen Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

Philippine passport holders are required Schengen visa to visit one or more of these Member States. This visa is valid in all Schengen states for a stay of up to 90 days within a six-month period for a visit, tourism or business. It is not valid for employment.

When to apply for Schengen Visa?

Applications can be made earliest three (3) months before the planned entry.

Where to apply for Schengen Visa?

Visa applications must be lodged at the Embassy/Consulate of the country of intended visit. If your plan is to visit several countries, visa application must be made at the Embassy/Consulate of the main destination country—meaning the length of stay in this destination is the longest. If the length of stay in each country is almost the same, apply at the country of first entry.


Beginning April 20, 2012, appointments may be set by calling the Call Centre to book for an appointment to submit their completed visa applications and other supporting documents.
The Embassy Call Centre is available nationwide and may be contacted thru any of the following numbers:

For PLDT/Smart/Touchcard Subscribers 1 (909) 101- 3333
For Globe/Innove/Touchmobile Subscribers 1 (900) 101- 3333
For Bayantel Subscribers 1 (903) 101- 3333

This service is available thru a toll call charge costing Php 32.00 (pesos) per minute excluding VAT and applicable NDD charges for calls made outside Metro Manila.

Customer Service Agents will be available daily, Mondays thru Saturdays from 8am to 6pm except public holidays.

How much is Schengen Visa? where to pay for Schengen Visa?

The visa-processing fee is EUR 60 (depending on the day’s exchange rate: approx Php 3,700). Children ages between 6-11 years old pay EUR 35 (Php 2,150). Children under the age of 6 are free of charge. The fee is non-refundable even if application is unsuccessful. Payments are made at the Embassy/Consulate when submitting your application and you need to have exact change. So I had to go down Starbucks to buy coffee because I had 4,000 with me and the fee that day was 3,730. Bring a 50 peso bill and several 20′s.

What are the requirements in applying Schengen Visas?

  1. Signed and filled up Schengen Visa Application Form (click this) with photo attached, plus 1 additional photo.
    Photo Specification

    • Taken against a light grey or cream background;
    • Clear and of good quality;
    • Printed on normal photographic paper;
    • 45 mm high x 35 mm wide in size
    • Taken with nothing covering the face, without sunglasses or tinted spectacles, or a head covering unless worn for religious or medical reasons. The subject should have their mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows) and the applicant should be facing forwarding, looking straight ahead.
  2. Valid passport with 3 months validity from the end of visa duration. Photo copy of valid and former visas, if any.
  3. Cover letter explaining the purpose of your trip and detailed itinerary. If you don’t have this, you have to write one on the spot before they will accept your requirements.
  4. Details of your trip

    • Round trip ticket reservation. Reservations only.
    • Itinerary of the whole duration including departure and arrival dates.
    • Accommodations – hotel vouchers, seriously. If you’re staying with a good friend who is a French resident/national, then you need them to provide you with something called Attestation d’accueil (Certificate of Board and Lodging) and your host’s national identity card or residence permit.

    If you have a French national host, just cut and paste below list for the document you needed from them. These are basically records of their existence in France such as title of property or contract of lease, utility billing statement as address proof, bank statements, medical records, pay slip, and finally they have to go to the city hall to have all these certified.

    The attestation d’accueil is a form needed to be presented to the City Hall with the following documents:

    • la carte nationale d’identité ou le passeport, ou la carte de résidence
    • livret de famille de l’hébergeant
    • justificatifs de domicile (EDF-GDF, facture Télécom, facture Eau)
    • titre de propriété (taxe foncière) ou de location (taxe d’habitation)
    • contrat de bail ou descriptif du logement
    • 2 derniers bulletins de salaires ou justificatifs divers de ressources mensuelles (retraite, CAF)
    • dernier avis d’imposition ou de non imposition
    • noms, prénoms de l’étranger, date et lieu de naissance, adresse exacte, n° du passeport et sa copie, copie du document justifiant le lien de parenté s’il y a lieu
    • attestation d’assurance médicale de l’hôte
    • un timbre spécifique dit « timbre OMI » d’un montant de 15 euros, il sera demandé à l’issue d’une réponse favorable. Disponible dans les perceptions et chez les buralistes.(Attention : il faut autant de timbres que de personnes accueillies sauf s’il s’agit de l’accueil d’une même famille avec des enfants mineurs).
  5. Proof of employment
    • Certificate of employment stating monthly salary and approved leave of absence.
    • If self employed, official business registration for current and previous year.
  6. Proof of Income

    • Income Tax Return
    • Recent Bank Certification
    • Photocopy of the last 3 months statement of Account of the same bank account.
    • If someone other than yourself is paying for the the trip, then submit financial document of the sponsor instead.
  7. Identity / Marital Status:

    • Photocopy of First page of Passport and all relevant obtained visas
    • Authenticated birth certificate from NSO. If married, bring photocopy of your marriage contract.
  8. Travel insurance that covers the entire duration of your intended stay with minimun coverage EUR 30,000. The medical policies must state the following points :

    • Medical attention and treatment will be given in case of illness or accident
    • The injured or ill traveller can be transported home for treatment + body repatriation in case of death
    • The insurance coverage is a least 30 000 euros (50 000 US dollars)
    • The insurance must be valid for all 25 Schengen member states which should be listed on the policy
    • The insurance company must be re-insured, the name of the re-insurer and his TOLL FREE phone number must be listed on the policy
    • 6. The policy must allow CASHLESS SETTLEMENTS of claims. The name of the company in charge of such settlements and their toll free number must be clearly stated on the policy.

    Here is a list of Accredited Travel Insurance Company in the Philippines.

How long does it take for Schengen Visa to be released?

After receiving the documents, payment, and collecting the biometrics, it will be 10 days processing.